Headstart Series

A two days program that equips you to understand leadership and the traits and styles that makes one a Leader with a difference. Knowing to communicate and handle challenging moments and leading your team with high energy focused to the goal is very crucial in teams is what really creates an impact. Tools and Techniques with practical learning are experienced during the session. Self assessment and strategies to be an effective leader are the great big take away of the program.

Presentations Powered up

The program covers all the steps needed for putting together a powerful presentation. It also packs in techniques to deliver the presentation in a powerful style. It employs an intense workout strategy where participants are completely involved. They learn specific tools to clearly put across complicated ideas, overcome resistance from the audience and communicate with greater impact.

By the end of the two day session you will have a team of Powered Up^ presenters who will achieve outstanding results for you.

Think Tank for Problem Solving and Creativity

Rational thinking approach towards problems and decisions can be time consuming and suitable only in certain situations. When we develop our creative thinking we can enhance our ability to generate new ideas and to spontaneously tackle difficult situations. This ability can be nurtured in individuals by learning and practicing techniques. It is not something that people are born with but rather techniques that anyone can implement to improve innovation and creativity in everything they do.

Conflict Handling

Conflict among teams and individuals is a hidden cost draining productivity and directly impacting the bottom line. Although managing conflict is one of the key competencies necessary to optimize results, it is the most difficult to master for most people. Conflict within organizations is often the result of communication style and the "stands" behind the communication. This is often reflected by the very powerful non-verbal aspect of communication that overrides the content of the message. Once people recognize their style differences, conflict often just dissolves or at least becomes more manageable. In this workshop, participants will learn specific conflict management techniques and skills in moving to a collaborative stance.