Team work

Working in a team comes with its own set of challenges. Teams succeed by working well together. We tend to look at teams as a whole, but not as a collection of very different individuals. The program focuses on team interaction, unity and problem solving skills. This program is unique in the sense that it focuses on each team member. It equips each individual to identify his or her own ability to contribute in a team. It helps them overcome their personal road blocks to becoming a team player. It refreshes and motivates individuals to understand the strengths of the team and recommit themselves to becoming a strong and unified group.

This one day program consists of a series of activities or challenges. Each activity is designed to bring out specific teamwork characteristics in the participants.

Effective Business Communication

Effective communication at every level of an organization is the key to a more productive and stress free work environment. This program is designed to enable participants to enhance many different aspects of communication.

We begin with a review of basic communication skills. The participants also learn about communication in the business context. This includes verbal communication in the spoken and written form. Importance is given to communicating clearly in teleconferences and emails. The best practices of formal communication and identification of areas of improvement under the guidance of the facilitator. Listening and asking the right questions are essential for clarity in communication. Assertive language while handling calls and writing emails also enhance the effectiveness of communication.

This module focuses on correcting common mistakes participants may be making while writing emails. They become more sensitive to the tone of their emails and learn ways in which they can make their emails more courteous.

Client Interfacing Skills

Modern professionals need to augment their efficiency with impact. They need to make a great impression on the people that they interact with on a day to day basis. An understanding of the best practices of client communication will help them achieve this balance.

The objective of the course is to help participants interact with clients effectively through different mediums of communication. This will need the right attitude for communication, tools, techniques and preparedness to handle difficult situations. The two day program is structured to develop rapport with clients and achieve the desired result in every interaction.